A simple introduction to pattern making for fashion design,
written and published by Assembil Books

The perfect introduction to the core principles of garment construction, “How Patterns Work” simplifies and explains the relationship between pattern making and the body.

The book is available in a classic print version making it not only a studio staple, but also perfect for use by colleges and universities as an introductory textbook.

“How Patterns Work” is also easy to use on digital devices with specially developed editions for Kindle and iPad.


No previous knowledge of patterns or sewing required. Chapters start from zero assumed knowledge and build slowly in complexity with step by step examples and clear diagrams.


Instead of learning hundreds of separate pattern making processes,“How Patterns Work” will break the process of pattern cutting into simple principles that can be applied to any pattern change.


After reading this book, you won’t just be able to follow pattern making instructions – you will actually understand how and why pattern making works and be able to adapt the principles for yourself.


Whether you are a novice fashion student, or an experienced home sewer this is the perfect book to simplify the terminology and principles behind complex pattern making books and sewing courses.


The first section of the book explains key pattern terminology and the anatomy of a pattern. The second section of the book acts as a library of basic pattern changes using flat pattern making techniques that you can adapt for your own designs.


Designed as a companion guide to other pattern making texts, “How Patterns Work” consolidates pattern making methods into simple, memorable processes, making it a perfect refresher guide for even the most advanced pattern maker.

  • ...I will be using it as a valuable resource when passing the skills on to others and also to remind me of the "how and why" when I come to do something I haven't done for a while...
    - Brigitte Tetzlaff"How Patterns Work" Paperback on Amazon.co.uk
  • ...I love it because it talks about the very basic terminology and principles in pattern making and helps me adopt a set of skills that I can work with for my own designs...
    - Amazon Customer"How Patterns Work" Paperback on Amazon.com
  • ...I have found other text on the subject, either over complicated or flowery and unhelpful. This book is neither and has a no fuss approach, with beautifully informative diagrams....
    - Curtis"How Patterns Work" Paperback on Amazon.co.uk
  • ...The concept of darts and its manipulation is explained with an amazing simplicity...
    - Priyank"How Patterns Work" Kindle Edition on Amazon.com
  • ...the perfect 'prequel' to any patternmaking course; by which I mean that the authors presume no previous knowledge or experience and establish rudimentary concepts with well thought out examples...
    - Sergio Eliud Romero"How Patterns Work" Kindle Edition on Amazon.com
  • ...You can get a good understanding of the subject, because the chapters are short, there are reviews of each chapter, and excellent illustrations....
    - A. Wilson"How Patterns Work" Paperback on Amazon.com
  • Everything you wanted to know but didn't know who to ask...
    - Suzy W "How Patterns Work" Paperback on Amazon.co.uk
  • ...Just buying a book on how to make patterns is just that, it tells you how and sometimes a little bit about the why. Understanding why you do something for a certain effect, or should I say what you should do for a certain effect is explained in this text...
    - Aspiring Artist and Designer"How Patterns Work" Paperback on Amazon.com
  • ...rather than only give you steps to follow, it answers the why so you can begin to create on your own...
    - Tania Diego"How Patterns Work" Kindle Edition on Amazon.com


“How Patterns Work” is available from Amazon in a paperback edition. The print version of the book is over 500 pages in length with over 250 clear diagrams in crisp black and white.

Despite the large page count, “How Patterns Work” is easy to read and uncluttered, with a detailed table of contents for easy reference.

How Patterns Work Kindle


“How Patterns Work” is available from Amazon in a kindle edition. The kindle version has been specifically developed for the kindle format with 70,000 words of flowable text content and over 250 diagrams in crisp black and white.

Unlike other ebooks that are converted from print editions, these diagrams were developed from the beginning with the kindle in mind. The kindle version also features a fully linked table of contents for easy reference.


A version of “How Patterns Work” has been specifically formatted for Apple’s iBooks making use of the iPad’s retina display with high resolution diagrams and specially formatted text. A free sample is available to download through iBooks.


“How Patterns Work” was specifically designed to help introduce students to the complexity of pattern making through hands on exercises and simple explanations of common pattern terms. Contact us so that we can help you to supply your students with “How Patterns Work” as an introductory textbook in your school, college or university.

ISBN-13: 978-1481959094
ISBN-10: 1481959093

crisp, clear greyscale diagrams

pages in the print edition

words of flowable, resizable text for Kindle


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