About Us


We believe that the fashion industry needs a rethink, and that every step in the creation of fashion has the potential to be reimagined using new techniques and new technology. Future Assembil projects will examine the way that fashion is taught, designed, manufactured, distributed, consumed and appreciated, and offer alternative solutions to traditional models.


We believe in the power of great design, but professional quality design has traditionally been expensive or out of reach for most people. We want to change this. We’re passionate about helping people of all abilities to design and make their own high quality fashion by giving them access to the necessary skills and knowledge to create beautifully crafted clothing.


Unlike other creative industries, fashion has been slow to embrace the nimble nature of digital products and services. Our first project began in the world of fashion education, with How Patterns Work, an introductory pattern making book developed specially for use on digital devices and also available in a print edition. How Patterns Work is now being used in classrooms around the world to help students get a better grasp of basic pattern making concepts.


It’s taken three and a half years but our second book How To Start Sewing has just been released. This is our new book for beginner sewers, which acts as the perfect introduction to sewing garments. Whether you want to sew for yourself at home, for your own label, or while studying fashion design, this book covers all the sewing methods needed to create simple but beautifully crafted clothing, with step-by-step explanations and crisp illustrations. Continuing with our ethos of explaining the how and the why of fashion, How To Start Sewing also gives you an understanding of many of the key construction principles that you need to master to be able to sew like a professional.


Last year we realised how hard it must be for beginners to choose a new sewing machine, so we decided to create a website to make the process a bit simpler. The Sewing Machine Directory has just been launched for sewers in the US to make it easier to view and compare features for popular sewing machines. We hope to soon add more detailed information about each model and have better search functionality to drill down on the features that you need the most. We’re also working hard to add more machines, including models for different countries and more advanced skill levels.


We are currently developing a range of different products and projects that will make it easier for people to teach themselves to sew, or to improve their existing sewing and construction skills to reach a more professional level. This includes a new sewing blog so that you can see all of these new skills put into practice. If you would like to be updated when we release new products and projects simply sign up to our email list.