About Assembil


Est. 2012

Since the beginning, the aim of Assembil has always been to rethink the traditional methods and habits of the fashion industry. Many of the ways that we interact with garments have been the same for a long, long time and in many ways, for the fashion industry, this is both a strength and a weakness.

In some ways, we love to learn about a technique that has been done in roughly the same way for 100 years, and we appreciate the sense of tradition and heritage that this lends to our garments without us even knowing. At other times, we find ourselves carrying out a process that seems antiquated and mistake-prone which could surely do with an update.

Initially, the aim was to use technology as a way to create products over short periods of time that would make quick and meaningful improvements to those who construct clothing. But as often happens in such cases, certain jobs are well worth spending extra time on. And here at Assembil, given a choice between doing something quickly, or doing it well, we often feel compelled to put the time in.

Assembil Books

To date, Assembil has published two books.

The first book, released in 2012, is How Patterns Work, an introductory pattern making book developed specially for use on digital devices and also available in a print edition. How Patterns Work is used in classrooms around the world to help students get a better grasp of basic pattern making concepts.

The second book, released in 2016, is How To Start Sewing, our new book for beginner sewers, which acts as the perfect introduction to sewing garments. Whether you want to sew for yourself at home, for your own label, or while studying fashion design, this book covers all the sewing methods needed to create simple but beautifully crafted clothing, with step-by-step explanations and crisp illustrations.

Future Assembil Projects

The current focus of Assembil is to continue to create ways for people to gain the skills they need to create their own high-quality garments. Whether that means that you sew for yourself, or are studying fashion design, or are already working professionally within the fashion industry, our aim is to create products which suit different types of learners and which will help you to build your skills.

Often the information provided in our products comes as a direct result of experiences within the fashion industry, so you can trust that we are working hard to provide you with skills that are relevant and valued. This is also part of the reason why it takes time to develop new products – when we’re not working on Assembil, we’re out working in the fashion industry.

On our newly launched website, you will soon find a sewing blog to help inspire you to create new projects. This sewing blog will also show you different ways to put to use the skills you have learnt from our books.

How To Start Sewing

Sewing for fashion design with practical exercises and matching patterns.


How Patterns Work

Introductory pattern making textbook,
also available for Kindle and iPad.


Sewing Machine Directory

Our website to help you compare and choose a sewing machine.

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