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Assembil Blog: Mood Board 1. Mood board detail of images 3.
April 12, 2018
Making Mini Collections & Mood Board No. 1

With so many interesting patterns and fabrics available, it can be difficult to whittle down the options to individual sewing projects. Fashion designers often use mood boards to overcome this...

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March 5, 2018
Printable Patterns for Sewing Samples

When we created the book How To Start Sewing, it was important that all the skills could be put to practical use. Whether you are a sewing beginner trialling a...

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Assembil Examples of Sewing Equipment
October 31, 2017
Welcome to the Assembil Blog

Welcome to the Assembil blog, a place where we can put to use many of the skills that we have described in detail in Assembil books. Up until now, Assembil...

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