Chapter 2: The Basic Process of Hand Sewing

from the book 'How To Start Sewing'

Chapter 2: The Basic Process of Hand Sewing

The following is the overview of Chapter 2 from the book How To Start Sewing. This chapter focuses on the basic process of hand sewing.

Chapter Overview

Before we begin to talk about designs, patterns and fabric in any more detail, we first want to get you sewing as quickly as possible. The best place to start when you are learning to sew is to learn how to do some simple hand sewing. Many of the principles that apply to sewing with a sewing machine can be learnt first using a piece of fabric, a needle, some thread and a few basic hand sewing stitches. In this chapter we will look at the basic process of sewing and discuss some of the factors that come together to create neat stitches. We will then walk you through the process of buying basic fabric and sewing equipment. To put this new knowledge into practice, you can then try some hands-on exercises for yourself by sewing a basting stitch and a running stitch.

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