How To Start Sewing Kindle Edition Release

How To Start Sewing Kindle Edition Release

How To Start Sewing Kindle Edition

Many of you enjoy using our popular sewing book How To Start Sewing, but if you feel like reading about French seams in bed, or want to remind yourself how to line an invisible zipper in the middle of a fashion internship then the print version is a bit heavy to keep with you all the time. But good news! How To Start Sewing is now available in a Kindle edition.

Released on 31 March 2020, the Kindle edition is available to buy now on Amazon through the Buy page on our website. By clicking on Buying Options you will also find links to different Amazon territories.

What if you don’t have a Kindle?

The Kindle edition does not just need to be read only on Kindle devices. You can also use this edition using the Kindle app on iPad, iPhones or Android devices or even on a desktop or laptop computer. You can find links to use a Kindle book on different devices on the Buying Options page.

What’s in the Kindle Edition?

The Kindle edition has all the features of the print book of How To Start Sewing, but in a more portable format. So you can expect 630 pages and over a 1000 images that include step-by-step exercises of versatile sewing techniques, explanations of how to use and adjust domestic and industrial sewing machines, and a section all about the principles of garment construction. You can see all of the topics covered here in the Table of Contents.

The added plus is that the Kindle edition is extra easy to navigate:

  • Table of Contents
    You will find two different Table of Contents within the book to help you jump straight to the section you need: a shorter version that lists the content by chapter, and a full version that has links to exercises and subheadings.
  • Index
    A thorough Index links to relevant locations within the book on different topics, and to explain unfamiliar terms.
  • Reference Links Between Chapters and Exercises
    Wherever there is a reference to another exercise or chapter, this has been linked so that you can easily jump back and forth between content.

Assembil Sewing Reference Folder with Sample Patterns and Gathering Sample

Step-by-step Exercises with Matching Patterns

One of the best features of the print edition of How To Start Sewing was the fact that there were matching patterns to go with the step-by-step exercises and this is still true for the Kindle edition. All of the images for the patterns are included within the Kindle edition.

You can also access a printable PDF for the sample patterns. This downloadable PDF is free to use and has small patterns that can be easily printed on A4 or Letter size paper at home. You can use these patterns as a sewing course to teach yourself to sew at home, or to build up a reference folder with samples of your favourite techniques. Or even to just refresh your memory on a skill you haven’t used for a while or to see how a detail will work on a new fabric.

Assembil Sewing Samples of Techniques


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