Printable Patterns for Sewing Samples

from the book 'How To Start Sewing'

Printable Patterns for Sewing Samples

When we created the book How To Start Sewing, it was important that all the skills could be put to practical use. Whether you are a sewing beginner trialling a skill for the first time, or an experienced professional troubleshooting an issue with a sewing machinist, we wrote the sewing exercises to match a set of sample patterns. These patterns are currently printed on the pages at the back of How To Start Sewing so that they can be traced and used.

But now, to make it even easier, the patterns can be downloaded from this page as a free PDF for you to print on standard A4 and Letter size paper and card. Cut them out, clip the notches and make the drillholes and you’re ready to put these patterns to use.

Please email if you experience any issues downloading the patterns and we will email the patterns to you.

Fair Usage of the Patterns

Please note that we politely ask that you don’t share the PDF with other sewers, but instead direct them to this page so that they can set up their own accounts on the website and download their own copies. This will help us to understand who is using the resources that we provide and enable us to create better resources in the future.

If you are a teacher who wants to use the sample patterns in your class, then please use the PDFs in a way that seems fair and appropriate to the proportion of books that you or your students have purchased. By operating on this honesty system we hope to keep as many resources as possible at affordable prices for use at home and for educating others.

Recommended Print Settings

We recommend that you print the patterns using a “grayscale” setting. You can print the first page with the 10 x 10 cm test square to check the scale. You will need to print at 100% (not at fit to page or anything similar).

Download Printable Patterns PDF A4

Download Printable Patterns PDF Letter

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This is much better instead of tracing. Saves time too

I was about to start tracing from my copy of your fantastic book but this will be so much easier, thank you.

I bought both of your books and consider them as the best of my library. many shows principes, bute here you start , assuming that the reader might know just nothing and you talk about everyaspect specially the fabric reactions to sewing, . the order in the realisations…. hat down!!! and a big ” reverence.” if you once decide to write technique for advanced skills, for example sewing fluid fabrics, lace, tulle, and thinking ot creating a under structure when creating a new piece, I am the first to buy ! congratulations from the deepest of my heart.

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