Remote Learning Resources for Fashion Design and Sewing

Remote Learning Resources for Fashion Design and Sewing

How To Start Sewing book Assembil.

We have had a number of enquiries lately about using Assembil resources with students in remote learning situations. As we all know, sewing and fashion design are very hands-on skills, and we understand that it is challenging to shift some of your usual coursework to an online-only situation.

For some of you, we feel that our book How To Start Sewing may be a viable option to use to support your existing coursework. This is a hands-on and pragmatic approach to learning sewing for fashion design. The book is designed to act as a sewing course in itself that students can use to learn the practicalities of garment construction.

Step-by-step Exercises with Matching Sample Patterns

The main feature of the book is that the step-by-step sewing exercises match with small sample patterns that can be printed out on an A4 or Letter size printer. These patterns can be used to sew small samples of versatile sewing techniques, and students can build up a reference folder of samples of various techniques.

The patterns are available as a PDF download from our blog and work as a companion to the print and ebook editions of the book ‘How To Start Sewing’. View sample patterns for ‘How To Start Sewing’»

This may be a viable option for some of you to allow students to purchase this book and then assign certain exercises as coursework to be completed at home. The small size of the patterns and samples were designed to be easily completed in a home environment and need very little fabric.

Teaching / Review Copies of Print Edition

If you would like to review a teaching copy of the print book of ‘How To Start Sewing’ please get in touch and we will arrange to send a copy of this book to you.

If after reviewing the book you think that it would be suitable for your students, then this book is readily available on Amazon by following the links on our Buy page. If you are interested in placing a bulk order for students, please get in touch on our Contact Us page as we may be able to offer an education discount to help ease the transition to remote learning.

Digital / eBook Versions

This book will also soon be available as a digital edition. We are currently putting the finishing touches on the Kindle edition of ‘How To Start Sewing’ and this edition is due for release on 31 March 2020. Note that students do not need to have a Kindle device to purchase and view this digital version, the Kindle edition can be downloaded for use on software on desktop or laptop computers, or opened on the Kindle app on iPads or iPhones. There is more information about software and devices here.

You can view details of how to pre-order this edition on the Buy page. Please get in touch if you think that this would be a better option for your students. Especially as this digital edition can be delivered instantly to Kindle devices and personal computers to avoid any delays with postage. Again please, Contact Us, if you have any questions about this at all. If needed, we may look at moving forward the release date to allow students and teachers to access this edition sooner to avoid any delays to coursework.

Assembil is open to looking at different options for educational institutions during this time, so feel free to email us on to see how we can help you work around any limitations you may have.

Sample Patterns for How To Start Sewing

How To Start Sewing Kindle Edition

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