Welcome to the Assembil Blog

Welcome to the Assembil Blog

Assembil Examples of Sewing EquipmentWelcome to the Assembil blog, a place where we can put to use many of the skills that we have described in detail in Assembil books. Up until now, Assembil followers may have enjoyed our books How Patterns Work or How To Start Sewing… but in the end, there is only so much you can gain by learning a skill in isolation. This blog will give us the space to show you how to bring separate sewing and pattern making skills to life, allowing you to see how techniques can be mixed and matched to create your own projects.

As the posts on the blog grow, you will find projects designed to inspire fashion design students and home sewers alike. We’ll use the skills in our existing books as a knowledge base, and show how they can be tweaked and hacked for individual situations and to overcome different problems.

We look forward to showing you how to use the methods in our books to work through the instructions on commercial sewing patterns, or to help you achieve a more professional result in your own projects by fine-tuning techniques. We’ll also be getting involved in many of the challenges and community projects that are such a strength in the online sewing community (and hopefully get more fashion design students on the hashtags too).

If you would like to stay up to date as we post new blog content, you can sign up to our email newsletter. Or feel free to follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. If you’re looking for a little added inspiration, you will also find lots of clothing details on our Pinterest.

More Skills and Projects

How To Start Sewing Kindle Edition
March 31, 2020
How To Start Sewing Kindle Edition Release
Many of you enjoy using our popular sewing book How To Start Sewing, but if you feel like reading about French seams in bed, or want to remind yourself how...
How To Start Sewing book Assembil.
March 20, 2020
Remote Learning Resources for Fashion Design and Sewing
We have had a number of enquiries lately about using Assembil resources with students in remote learning situations. As we all know, sewing and fashion design are very hands-on skills,...
Assembil Blog: Mood Board 1. Mood board detail of images 3.
April 12, 2018
Making Mini Collections & Mood Board No. 1
With so many interesting patterns and fabrics available, it can be difficult to whittle down the options to individual sewing projects. Fashion designers often use mood boards to overcome this...
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